The journey to a better understanding of skin

Man Inc was developed with the understanding that men's skin is different than women’s - it’s thicker, oilier, has a different collagen makeup, and simply put – weathers a different storm. By incorporating faster acting ingredients that also serve a multi-functional purpose, the ritual of daily skincare is made easy & efficient.

Each product is made with the intention to combat issues typically seen by male skin-type. Our products will always have multi-functional ingredients to benefit your skin in more than one way. From hydration to anti-aging to pore-refinement, we’ve developed an uncomplicated and effective regimen with your skin-type in mind.
About Man Inc Skincare For Men

"Having personally struggled with bouts of cystic acne, I understand that a skincare product can trigger, or harmonize your skin. While no skincare product can truly cure hormonal acne, I did learn the proof is truly in the pudding; in this case – using ingredients that adapt to each other & then formulating them for a specific type of skin.

We do not believe multi-step regimens are necessarily for everyone, but we do believe in the power of a few hero ingredients to transform skin"

Sanya, Founder

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